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  Frequently asked Questions...

What Is Wampum?

1. What is Wampum?
Wampum is simply the Quogue or clamshell polished and fashioned into beads or carvings.
Historically wampum beads were used for more than just ornamentation. It was used to create contracts and treaties, by sewing them into belts. These belts were used to keep records, tell a story or perhaps describe an event. Still today wampum is an important element in some Native American societies. Many ceremonies require wampum for its spiritual attribute, including marriages. Our line of beads and jewelry is sure to satisfy today's wampum enthusiast's needs, traditional and contemporary.

Most people associate wampum with beads however the beauty of wampum can also be found in our contemporary styles of jewelry. All jewelry produced by Wampum Magic is 100% guaranteed to be one of a kind. No two pieces are alike making each item a hand crafted unique gift.

2.   Do you fix jewelry? 
No. Although we have extensive knowledge in the jewelry making process, we do not fix jewelry.

3.   Do you do refunds?
No, all sales are final.

4.   Can we make custom beads? 
Yes, we do custom orders, but they are reviewed on a case by case basis.  You must call or email the particulars of your custom order and we will determine the time frame and cost.

5.   What is our wholesale policy on beads? 
You must purchase a minimum value in order to be eligible for wholesale prices. For more information contact us directly.

6.   How many beads are on one strand?
It depends on the bead size. Tube beads have approximately 50 beads for stand. The smaller beads have about 100 per stand.

7.   How long is a strand of beads? 
Approx. 16.5 inches.

8.   I want white beads, should I get whelk or wampum?
Wampum. We sell both whelk and wampum beads, our whelks have a pinkish-or orange hue and if you want white beads then wampum is the best choice.